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Telkom Athon helps develop digital talent to create impactful solutions through Competition.


We provide classes equipped with curriculum and mentors to help you improve your digital skills in the fields of Data Science, Cyber Security, UI / UX & Product Management, React Native, Front-End and Back-End.

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1. Selection

Candidates are going to be selected going to put to the category based on passion and commitments.

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2. Learning

Candidate will get a professional certificate learning by Coursera Platform and asissted by mentor & related expert.

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3. Competition

Candidate will compete based on challenge for future learning.

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4.Celebration Day

Providing satisfaction for candidates that have been completed the learning process.

Your steps to become a digital talent ready



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What you get from Telkomathon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apa sih event Telkom-Athon itu?

Telkom-Athon adalah event Kompetisi Digital untuk mengembangkan solusi-solusi bagi Telkom secara cepat.

Kenapa saya harus join Telkom-Athon?

Kamu dapat mengembangkan dirimu menjadi Digital Talent. Asal tahu saja, Transformasi Karyawan menjadi Digital Talent adalah target yang diinginkan perusahaan kita menuju Digital Telco.

Apa saja katagori kompetisi yg bisa di ikuti dalam Telkom Athon?

Di Batch 1 ini ada 4 kategori yaitu : Programmer, UI-UX Designer, Data Scientist dan Cyber Security. Sedangkan di Batch 2 akan ada 6 kategori: Data Scientist, UI/UX Design & Product Management, Front End, Back End, React Native, Cyber Security

Siapa yg boleh join ke event Telkom-Athon?

Semua karyawan Telkom Group, baik organik maupun non organik.